I’m planning on bringing some essays in the ares of biblical studies and culture. Perhaps a short story here and there.  If a subject demands more out of me, I will have to respond by writing out as many aspects of the argument that I can think of. Perhaps they will serve as rough drafts or manuscripts for books. The objective is to share my ideas on these topics. That being said, the essays will receive updates as I see fit. It is best to view them as works in progress.

At the moment, I don’t plan on opening these essays up for comment. I may change my mind in the future if there is a high demand.

Theology and Biblical Exegesis

Most people limit themselves to writing in one area. This is not necessarily a bad thing and I don’t believe that anyone should criticize them for that decision. I, on the other hand, want to be able to write on anything that doesn’t conflict with my core beliefs, those of Christianity. As they say, “to each his own.” Though I will write in many areas, I’m primarily a writer on theology and biblical exegesis. This is a result of years of study–including two years of theology in academia–and the resources that I have available at home. But I can’t fail to mention that this is due to my spiritual gifts.

Writing rigorous biblical essays doesn’t only require multiple bibles, it also requires knowledge of the original languages. As I progress along, you will see my developments in these areas. If you would like to download biblical language fonts on your computer/laptop, I recommend SBL biblical fonts. —Jerry Jacques, June 2010.