Should T. D. Jakes Have been Invited to Oakwood’s Evangelism Council?

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“The thought of inviting T. D. Jakes to Oakwood University’s Evangelism Council caused an uproar in the black Adventist community. Jakes, who is not an Adventist, and who once spoke out against the Sabbath, was considered not worthy of such an invitation. The question that arose in the minds of many was: why would Oakwood consider inviting Jakes in the first place? The answer is that most who assume that they know the answer don’t really have a clue. They have arrived at the conclusion that it must be a falling away or so-called “Jesuit influence” that led Oakwood (or those who are responsible for the council, to be precise) to make such a decision. I’m sure after this article I will be placed in their ranks.”

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Author: Jerry Jacques

Jerry Jacques, is a native of Queens, New York. He was born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti on June 12, 1980. His purpose in setting up this blog is to think through biblically with others on theology, culture, and anything else that may catch his attention. His hope is that this blog will be a wonderful stopping point for all who visit. He enjoys reading, writing, movies, bowling, board games, and weight lifting. The views expressed here are the author’s own and not necessarily those of his church. If you are interested in getting in touch, write him at Special Interests: Apocalyptic Prophecy, New Testament, Book of Revelation, Book of Daniel, Book of Habakkuk, Biblical Interpretation, Comparative Religion, and Christianity in Contemporary Culture.

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