It Begins

For those who are enrolled in CUNY, and I would suspect most colleges, the end of August and the beginning of September marks the start of the fall semester. Summer, at least unofficially, has come to an end. For some this is exciting news, for others it is terrifying. In this article I intend to present some pivotal perspectives that will increase the likelyhood of success for students. As a student myself these reflections are fundamental to my own preparation for this upcoming semester.

A semester cannot begin without one acknowledging God’s ability to bring success. All beginnings, as the beginning in Genesis, must start with God saying something and for it to happen after the word had been pronounced. We may not acknowledge God at the beginning of the semester and things still work out great for us, but this doesn’t mean that He wasn’t involve. God can act whether we want Him to or not.  Contrary to popular belief, God being involved doesn’t mean that you will pass your classes, it means that whatever happens will be for your ultimate good because God is in charge. I know that’s a hard saying, I’m still having problems with it (smile). Let’s pray that God will cause us all to do exceedingly well.

If you don’t believe that you are going to do well, you probably won’t. What we think will be the outcome of whatever we undertake plays a large role in how determine we are during the journey. The less sure we are of the outcome, the less driven we will be. The drive is important because it is the surge that keeps us going through the difficult times. If you think you’re going to fail, change your thinking and embrace whatever is coming as something that you will conquer.

If you can’t enjoy or see positives in what you are doing then you won’t be driven. Even if you are not interested in a subject that you are registered for you can do well by how you think about the task at hand. Most of the time we discourage ourselves by how we approach what we are going to study. We need to start thinking optimistically about every subject. We must see that there is something valuable there that we can use.

If you don’t study even multiple choice questions might not save you. Some people just don’t believe in studying. They think that spending long periods of time looking at the same material over and over again is some sort of medieval torture. Whoever said, “repetition deepens the impression,” got it right. However, the only thing most people seem to be taking in is the pixels from their T.V. sets, cell phones, and the hosts of gadgets that have burst upon the seen in the last decade. Time to put the facebooks, twitters, myspaces, and all other social networks that are crippling our ability to conversate with real people, and focus on the task at hand.

This summer I’ve been averaging about 5 days of jogging a week. I have reaped tremendous physical and mental benefits from this. I believe that consistent exercise, along with right eating, water, and rest, is essential. Everyone will agree to this but most people won’t do it. It’s not that if we don’t do these things it is impossible to do well–you’ll be surprised at how many do well in spite of horrible eating practices–but it’s about giving ourselves as much chance as possible. It is important to do what is likely to bring success.

These are the essentials for school preparation. This shouldn’t be new to anyone but it should be something that gets people thinking about what they need to do to prepare. Whether we are ready or not, look out, it begins!


Author: Jerry Jacques

Jerry Jacques, is a native of Queens, New York. He was born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti on June 12, 1980. His purpose in setting up this blog is to think through biblically with others on theology, culture, and anything else that may catch his attention. His hope is that this blog will be a wonderful stopping point for all who visit. He enjoys reading, writing, movies, bowling, board games, and weight lifting. The views expressed here are the author’s own and not necessarily those of his church. If you are interested in getting in touch, write him at Special Interests: Apocalyptic Prophecy, New Testament, Book of Revelation, Book of Daniel, Book of Habakkuk, Biblical Interpretation, Comparative Religion, and Christianity in Contemporary Culture.

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