Relationship Talks: What Women Do Wrong

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It’s suicide for any man that talks about what he thinks women do wrong. I’m fully aware of this and I accept the fact that I have now become a lightning rod (smile). I’m aware that some women would not even entertain the possibility of being wrong, let alone read about it. They would much prefer to talk about how much trouble that guys give. It is true that guys are part of the reason why they do some of the wrong things that they do. But that has become an excuse to continue doing the wrong things so I decided to approach this in a different manner.

In case you’ve never heard this before ladies, “you are not perfect.” I would like to invite you for a moment to put your ideas about what men do wrong and focus on what you do wrong. I will address the men in the following post, but right now let’s talk about you. Guys, feel free to express your grievances in a respectful manner. It is important to have dialogue on these issues instead of having two opposite sides sit in their corners and throw rocks at each other.

Before I begin I would like to bring some attention to a woman’s background. You see, to some extent we all are byproducts of our parents and our surroundings–past and present. However, we are not limited to these things. I brought up this point to bring focus to the fact that a woman might have been raised a certain way, or grew up in a certain place where the type of behavior that she is exhibiting is considered normal, or shall we say acceptable. Therefore the way she act is a manifestation of that upbringing and not entirely her fault. Does it mean that she can’t change? No, it just means that if she has identified this as being the cause of some of the stuff that she does wrong, she can make the decision to act in ways that are contrary to what is normal for her. Overtime the new way will become the permanent way.

So what exactly do women do wrong? Can they be corrected? The old saying says, “where there is a will, there is a way.” Things can’t change if no one is interested in a change.

Talking Bad About Guys

Sometimes when women get together, makeup and fashion are not the only things in the list for small talk. Women often time spend a long period of time doing what I call “Devaluing the Male,” talking bad about guys. These type of conversations can also be found in Christian circles. Gossiping is considered acceptable female behavior by society at large and so it seems that Christian women find nothing wrong with doing so. In fact if guys were to complain about it, they would be told to “man up,” as if there is something manly about sitting around being dissed.

This needs to change. You shouldn’t be talking bad about people whether they are males or females. There are more constructive things to do with the time and the ability to speak that God gave you. There has got to be something better out there then gathering together and bad mouthing people. If you’re in a relationship then there should be such a level of trust between you and that person where they don’t have to worry about going outside and hearing stories. If you broke up with somebody spreading stories about them won’t make you feel better, you are actually showing everyone what type of person you are.

Getting Angry and Picking Fights

Some women seem to think that the best way to contribute to the prosperity of a relationship is by picking fights. Sometimes they pick fights over the smallest issues. It’s as if they don’t feel comfortable unless an argument has taken place. Many a relationship is destroyed because of stupid arguments. Disagreements can be handled in a civilize manner, there is no need for all the anger and yelling that goes on. The real damage is being done to the ones who are always angry, slowing setting themselves up for future health problems.

There is nothing fascinating about a woman that is always angry. Eventually everyone will realize that the person has major psychological issues that were never treated. It’s best to seek ways to deal with those things instead of brushing them off as insignificant. Ladies, being constantly rude, aggressive, angry and arrogant is not a good thing.

Flirting with Other People

Women like to feel like they are the jewels in the eyes of the guy that they are with. There is nothing wrong with that. But some of them are not satisfied with the attention that they get from the guy that they are with and so they look for attention from other guys. They may not even be interested in being with the person, they just want the person to look their way to confirm their belief that they are attractive. They feel good about being wanted by others. Their boyfriend can be standing right next to them and they are locking eyes with a guy. For what? Attention.

When this happens the boyfriend looks like an idiot. He is dating a girl that has so little respect for him that she would flirt with someone right in front of him. There are some girls that won’t do it in front of you but behind your back. They are the biggest flirts in the world when the boyfriends aren’t around. Though many see flirting as harmless, it’s actually a signal to the person that they are flirting with that they are interested. We all know this, but we lie to make it seem as if that is not the case.

Everything is harmless till it happens to you.

Emphasis on Materialism

Some women may talk as if they have it all together but in reality they don’t. They may act like they know what they want but it’s a cover up. There is nothing more irritating then a woman that doesn’t know what she wants. She is interested in the guy one day and not the next. It seems that a guy’s clothing, car, or even haircut is so pivotal that their feelings for him can change with the disappearance of those things. It only means that they didn’t have any feelings for the guy in the first place.

It’s easy to spot. They will treat guys different base on what they are wearing or whether or not they have a haircut. The worst part is that some of them actually think that guys are so dumb that they don’t notice the change in treatment.


And that’s the conclusion of the matter for now. There is much more that I could of said but it’s best to stick with the fundamentals. Feel free leave comments about any other points that you think should be address. I do plan to do one for the guys, so don’t think that this is an attack on women.


Author: Jerry Jacques

Jerry Jacques, is a native of Queens, New York. He was born in Cap-Haitien, Haiti on June 12, 1980. His purpose in setting up this blog is to think through biblically with others on theology, culture, and anything else that may catch his attention. His hope is that this blog will be a wonderful stopping point for all who visit. He enjoys reading, writing, movies, bowling, board games, and weight lifting. The views expressed here are the author’s own and not necessarily those of his church. If you are interested in getting in touch, write him at Special Interests: Apocalyptic Prophecy, New Testament, Book of Revelation, Book of Daniel, Book of Habakkuk, Biblical Interpretation, Comparative Religion, and Christianity in Contemporary Culture.

6 thoughts on “Relationship Talks: What Women Do Wrong”

  1. Once a guy has had experiences with women who’ve engaged in such behavior or is aware of it, his approach to future encounters wouldn’t be so nerve rattling. Honestly Jerry, a lot of it is natural. Women are demanding, some bicker, materialistic, love compliments. It’s just the manner in how we deal with it. And ladies, many of us love our sports & television, we can be very stubborn at times, hanging with the fellas etc… certain characteristics come with the territory.

    1. I pretty much agree with Jahmaine, the thing I come across often with the women I date is our idea of fun is completely different. I am not that interested in what they want to do, and I don’t react the same to things that they get excited about. For exampble I am not a very out doorsy kind of guy but where I live most of the activities the locals do to past time envolve explore the outdoors. As a New Yorker being out in nature does not greatly interest me. I don’t know what women do wrong, but people in general are complexs and it hard to match perfectly with anyone…I do feel the best relationship are between people who meet each other later in life. By the time a man reach 35 he pretty much know who he is and what he wants, and hopefully he will look for the women that fits what he wants. I am not sure if I fully addressed the topic but it’s too complexs to fully cover in a blog.

  2. Alright, now by stating the problems of some, have we resolved any problems? Probably not, but I recognize that your goal is primarily to facilitate discussion. Yes, these are very ineffective qualities of many women. This also does not address much nor state how it may potentially work for them, somehow, and that when they are unable to see or care about the consequences then they will continue. However, just as women are often multifaceted and complex creatures, these grievances do not address them all. Some are not angry at all but super passive, relenting to the man for anything. Some women are not gossips they are extraverts who need to talk over problems and that does not mean dragging the man down as the monster. Some women care not a thing for cars, jewelry, or the fine things of this world but desire a man to just love them so they find themselves sharing extra love to get it in return, foolishly enough. Yet, no matter, sin is an equal opportunity destroyer. Let us facilitate dialogues to encourage more Christ-like behaviour not pinpoint what should be obvious flaws. Especially, when we can ask specific questions that are hard-hitting to address the core of the problems at hand.

    1. Hey Sarahi,

      Thanks for your insightful comments. I’m aware that the points presented do not cover every thing that women does wrong. It wasn’t intended to and neither does it claim that all women do these things. I pointed out the basics that most men and women complain about.

      You have presented a sort of defense for the actions when you state, “Some are not angry at all but super passive, relenting to the man for anything. Some women are not gossips they are extraverts who need to talk over problems and that does not mean dragging the man down as the monster. Some women care not a thing for cars, jewelry, or the fine things of this world but desire a man to just love them so they find themselves sharing extra love to get it in return, foolishly enough.” Perhaps you view this as a different way of looking at things but it may suggest to some, though you wrote “foolishly enough,” that there are justifiable reasons.

      I agree with encouraging Christ-like behaviour but I believe in a comprehensive approach. By this I mean that 1. One post should deal with the problems, 2. One post should deal with what we “assume” are the causes,” and 3. One post on the biblical perspective on these issues.

      The Bible never runs away from telling us what is wrong with humans or sugar coating it, it tells us what we are and then it tells us of the change that God can produce. Sometimes people ignore the obvious until someone else points it out to them.

      Eventually I will get to the Christo-centric perspective to address these issues. This is a series so it won’t be the last post on the topic. Thanks for sharing.

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